Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The mural...

This past March, the awesome Gabriola "Village Liquor Store" moved to a new location in the mall. The new space is really awesome and grand and allows for that "boutique" feel. While they were still in dreaming mode, I put a bug into the owner's ear..."why not have a mural on that big upper wall? That would be way cool! Clint has always wanted to do something on a big wall...hmmmm." :o) And it all began...Michael Brown, you made a wise decision getting Clint to do the work. It is amazing! So, not only do they have the best wine, beer and awesome liquor selection on the island...they also have the coolest looking interior a liquor store could have.

I enjoy watching Clint create images on canvas...the process is very cool. Transforming a conceptual sketch into a wicked painting is an amazing talent...wish it were mine! ;op At least I get to witness the madness of creation. I documented as much of this whole process as possible. He worked always at night...for the most part, I stayed home, in bed! Every morning we would go to the Village and I would see the work that he had done the night before. The mural is 20' x 15'...it's a party! (a responsible party) ;o)

It all began with a sketch! Gridding the sketch allowed Clint to then be able to sketch it out on the HUGE surface of the high wall. He was also 20' up on a scaffold. (Clint does not do heights...well, he does them...it just ain't his favourite place to be.) We got together with friends and took pics of a round table get together with some fine wine and beer. Hmmm...can I find that photo? Oh yes, here it is! ;o)

It definitely changed from this..but the feeling is there. (look how cute Mariko is!) Photo taken at Feedlot Studios...lots of creativity happens in that place let me tell ya!    

The chalked sketch...now we are talking! (I helped him with the chalk grid lines...yes I did. Up there on the scaffold, holding onto the end of a chalked up string...I did well! lol) Clint and Michael admiring the chalk drawing the next morning. ;o)

Contrast blocking has begun. It is starting to take shape now...life is starting to come out of the mural. (taking this pic was a feat. There was a 8" board going from the scaffold to the overhang above the door. It was shaky...I was shaky. It was high up...I was high up! I am definitely not a fearless child anymore. But getting over there made for a good shot with the artist and the beginnings of his masterpiece.)

Adding in the shade colour. (I just love watching the image grow. It's crazy on such a huge level like this. I have never watched a mural from start to finish. There is a ton of work involved...especially on sch a massive scale. What an amazing project this was. And with a fabulous outcome to boot!)

From the last photo to this one was an 8 hour stint. Clint always says..."I know it doesn't look like I did much. Can you see the changes?" duh...of course I can! I can't imagine being up in the air painting one solid colour, let alone a massive painting. I find artists funny. I suppose that is why they are deemed crazy most of the time. For they truly are! ha ha ha!

Bring on the colour!! These people look like they are having more and more fun all of the time. It's like the movie 'Pleasantville'...they enjoyed life more once they got into techni-colour. (as you can see, half of the scaffold is missing. A challenge for Clint. As they were doing finishing touched on the actual store...his scaffold set up kept changing each day. Yet, he still managed to get the work done despite any obstacle thrown at him. It was like a 10 day challenge!)

It's almost done...wow! Just some finishing work...small details that need to be ironed out with "The Man" Michael! (I liked that the beer bottle label said 'Drumbeg Ale'. It does not exist...but it looks pretty cool. VLS wanted it to be a beer that they actually sold in store...yeah, makes sense. ;o) But I still like the Drumbeg!)

Done!! Wowzas! 10 days...blank wall to superb mural. You can't help but notice this amazing installation the moment you walk through their doors. We are told that it brings in a million smiles each and every day. (well...maybe not a million...our population is about 5000! ha ha ha!) Kudos to you Clint and your hard work. You make it look so effortless. You are one talented artist! (so where will the next mural be?) :o)

Here is a little side pic. I just think it is absolutely hilarious. And this is where the idea for the "big mouthed" woman came in...thanks to moi of course! hee hee hee. Oh the fun times we have in our household! (the animals must just laugh at us!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Since the very first painting Clint ever completed, (Sunburst Girl, here on the right) I have been a major fan, supporter, encourager and even "agent" at times. I have been and am just so impressed with his talent. I have always wished I could draw or paint...well, I can...it just doesn't even hold a candle to the fabulous paintings that Clint creates. The "face" is his absolute favourite to get on that canvas. And it is the eyes...the essence of the soul in which he just makes come alive. (I know he is not the only artist to be able to do this..there are many talented people out there...but it is him that I love the most!) And, to think that he only picked up the brush and paint after a suggestion that I made...what would he be into right now if he didn't have this? He might still be working, driving truck for some company that doesn't appreciate his hard work ethics...getting up way too early in the mornings or in the middle of the night to do a drive or pick up of equipment at some concert venue. (his last job was driver for Christie Lites...lighting equipment for film, concert and stage) The job paid all right...but it was definitely not something he dreamed of doing since being a kid. No...when he was a kid he had a huge collection of face masks that he had created using paper, crayons and string. It all started with the face...but behind a mask ARE the real eyes...perhaps it was that moment in time that prepared him for creating his "masterpieces" some 30 odd years later. ;o)

I am a firm believer in following your dreams...realizing your passion and making it your life. It is not the easiest thing to do. And that, I'm sure anyone can attest to. But, if you have the guts...and your partner has the understanding patience to go with it...you can make it reality. In terms of being an artist...well, there is a reason for people freely using the the term, "Starving Artist". It is definitely not an easy road to travel. There is no one to give you a pay cheque at the end of two weeks of the endless work of creativity. When he first started painting back in 2002, he was employed full time. So the paint was a "past time" that he was taking a real shining to. And the walls of our home were instantly covered in super cool art. If you can't afford to buy art...make it! (that was what he used to say.) Seeing Clint's stuff on the walls, friends started to question commissioned pieces...that is a nice boost to one's self esteem. Because let me tell you, sweet honey child...an artist definitely has a hard time with calling a piece done...putting it out there for others to critique. (at least it is very hard in the beginning of the artist's life, it can and does get better) It's like writing someone you fancy, a note or a poem describing in detail how you truly feel about them. Putting your heart and soul into that little piece of paper in hopes of that special person receiving those words with appreciation and joy...yearning to hear more of what you have got to tell them. Every artist has poured their inner self into their "masterpiece"...the colours were chosen by design of their mind and the feelings evoked by that certain hue. No matter what is being created, it is definitely a piece of them that has gone into it. And now, they stand at the threshold of putting it out there for EVERYONE to see, judge, enjoy and maybe even fall in love with. There surely are a lot of emotions attached to the whole entire process. I enjoy watching the whole process...the tumultuous battle between artist and work. 

The passion of paint was sinking further and further into the depths of Clint's essence. This IS in fact something that he had thought of as a kid. I could see the love he had...so could our close friends. I got him his first "gig" as a painter...a booked art show! His would be displaying his paintings on the walls of the fabulous "Locus on Main" during Oct, 2005. He had 15 paintings up on the walls...8 sold by the time he had to take them down. (MAJOR boost #2 to the good old self esteem...yes!) Sunburst Girl was the first to go. ;o)...she is still to this day Clint's fave. It was the first...it has a special place in his heart. Funny thing about that piece...he didn't even sign it! lol That first, successful art show put a fervour in Clint. He was painting more and more...commissions, presents...he fell in love with the art process.

New Years Eve, going into 2007, Clint and I came to Gabriola Island for the first time to spend the night with his brother and family. We had only ever been to one Gulf Island before, (well...Clint has a quick overnighter on Salt Spring once) Galiano...our friends lived there. As beautiful and serene as I thought it was there...I could never imagine living a life on an island. But Gabriola made me feel something...made Clint feel something. There was a community here...a vibrant one. There was Artworks, the only local gallery at the time...filled with art from the community. Paintings, photography, pottery, jewelry, fused glass, sculpture...I was amazed at all of the talent that I saw in that funky art gallery/coffee bar. I was like, "Clint, we could totally live here...don't you think?" That next year I was constantly mulling over inside my head the option of actually doing it...making the big move from the city to the little "hippy" island. What if we get bored? Well, we can always move back. Clint's brothers cabin was opening up, and we were given the chance to rent it..."YES"!!! I said. For so many reasons it was the greatest move we ever did. Here, we are in a big community of amazing people...plus a whack of crazy artists! You can't help but want to be creative when you live here. You are surrounded by it...what better a place to thrive for Clint. 

Life will offer us choices all along the way...I say take the tangled path...the one that looks like a ton of work. At least there is some excitement there. ;o) I like the winding up and down hill path that we have chosen to take. I want Clint to follow his passion...even if it means eating only crackers and cheese sometimes!! lol We always have long beach walks and starlit nights...what more could we need? Well, Clint would like more work...more paintings to do. Have a dream for something on your wall...Clint could make it a reality...challenge him! ;o) ha ha ha ha!! Peace out.

Here's a taste of Clint's discography...I know it ain't music...I just like the sounds of that...and Clint LOVES his music! ;o)
'Lennon' 2002
'Clint' 2003

'West Coast' 2003
'Bano' 2003

'Keith' 2004

'Capt. Jack' 2004
'Love Always' 2004
'Jimi' 2005

'Arrived' 2005
Trouble Brewing' 2006

'Janis' 2006

'Dylan' 2007
'Murder in Flight' 2009

'Bunker Bay' 2009
'7-UP Girl' 2008
"Billy Minor' 2009
'Fess' 2009
'Andy' 2010
'Brooke' 2010
'Ocean' 2009
'Grohl' 2010
'Mick' (1st in 2005, reworked in 2010)
'Tulips' 2011
'Popeye' 2011

'Johnny' 2011
'Marilyn' 2012 (my b-day prezzie!!!)

'Frida' 2012

 This is simply a taste of his work throughout the years. I would love to share them all...I just don't think anyone would have the time to take it all in! ;o) There is a link (on the bottom right of this blog page) to his Facebook page for more of his completed works. I guess I am just a very proud wifey. Proud of my husband for his accomplishments in life...and taking the giant leap of faith in pursuing one's dreams. And I love being along for the excitement that all of it brings. :o)                                                                                                     Peace out...Pam. xo                                                                                                                   

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Forty @ Forty

These are some of my idols… they have shaped the way you and I see and feel the world. For you perhaps some of them will achieve this more than others. At a personal level… all of these individuals have enriched my life and my understanding of the world. Granted, a few of these folks really just headed a band hoping their drunken legs could hold out for an hour longer… yet they very much had honest things to say about the life we all share as human beings… and delivered it with style.

… There are no world leaders who have impressed me as much as those displayed here. Their voices can be very affecting, and very often more effective in accessing the real public. Their influence in the evolution of human social existence I find profoundly interesting to ponder. The powerful experience and venue from which they deliver their message is monstrous… it’s no wonder they have had such play in how we live, dress, interact, behave and enjoy our lives. Music is such an art… that accesses the very soul quite unlike fine art… plus it comes with a lifestyle…

Really, in some ways, it is one art piece, as much as it is forty. You might say, “what about Johnny Cash, Muddy Waters or Bono”. I know. It really could have been my top five hundred. This could only be a drop in the bucket. Really, I could envision a very huge, huge show some day. It was a blast of a project to do…at the end of August, with my fortieth birthday approaching, I decided I would paint some of my faves… which became the Forty@Forty show.  ~ Clint McCartney

Rick Danko (The Band)
Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones)

Gram Parsons (The Band, The Byrds...)
Joni Mitchell

Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters)
Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin)

David Bowie
Keith Moon (The Who)

David Gilmour (Pink Floyd)
Pete Townsend

Kurt Cobain (Nirvana)
Neil Young

Marvin Gaye
Janis Joplin

Ray Charles
Jim Morrison (The Doors)

Jack White (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs)
Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam)

Roger Daltrey (The Who)
Hank Williams

Wayne Coyne (The Flaming Lips)
Elvis Presley

JJ Cale
Sam Beam (Iron & Wine)

Debbie Harry (Blondie)
David Crosby (The Byrds, Crosby Stills & Nash)

John Lennon (The Beatles)
Bob Marley

Bob Dylan
Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones)

Jimi Hendrix
Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones)

Stevie Nicks (Fleetwood Mac)
Gerry Garcia (Grateful Dead)

Paul McCartney (The Beatles, Wings)

Willie Nelson
Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin)

Leslie Feist
Michael Jackson (Jackson 5)

This all comes from the "Forty at Forty" art show of Clint's that opened on October 27th at Gabriola Artworks. He started this series off with the painting of Bob Dylan back in the last week of August. He liked the colour palette that he chose so much, that he decided he would do more portraits just like it. That thought brought him to thinking of painting 40 portraits by the time he turned 40 on October 1st. By the time our living and dining rooms were covered with painted canvases of cool rock stars, I was thinking..."holey moley, these are looking amazing all scattered around...imagine what they would look like up on the walls of a gallery!" (I get quite excited by Clint's crazy talent and how amazing and lively his portraits feel...he gives the spark in the eyes that gives them life.) At that time there were only about 16 or so started, mid-Septemberish...only 24 to go. I spoke with gallery owner Kathy Ramsey at Gabriola Artworks and she had a 3 week space for a showing and would LOVE to have Clint's pieces up. Woo hoo! "Get cracking now hon!" What a feat...I am so proud of him for putting together this amazing series of portraits of super cool and influential, to him and millions more...Rock Stars!!! 
~Pam McC (super enthusiastic wifey!)

Show is up on the walls at Artworks (9-575 North Rd. Gabriola Island) until November 23rd.